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Russian lawmaker’s Son Convicted Of stealing 2.9 Million Credit Card Numbers

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Roman Seleznev (32), the son of Russian lawmaker and Russian Parliament member Valery Seleznev has been convicted in the US of hacking businesses and stealing 2.9 million US credit card numbers using Point-of-Sale (POS) malware.

According to the Department of Justice, the hacking scheme defrauded banks of more than $169 Million. The stolen credit card data were offered for sale on multiple “carding” websites.

Roman Seleznev was arrested in 2014 while attempting to board a flight in the Maldives, which sparked an international dispute between American and Russian authorities, who characterized the extradition as a “kidnapping”.

The prosecution was starting from data found on his laptop that was seized at the time of the arrest. The laptop contained more million stolen credit card numbers, some of which were stolen from businesses in Western Washington.

Seleznev will be sentenced on December 2.

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