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DailyMotion Hacked, 85 Million User Accounts Exposed

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Video sharing site Dailymotion, one of the biggest video platforms in the world, have been hacked.

Breach notification service LeakedSource, announced on Monday that they have obtained 85.2 million records from Dailymotion.
The compromised data consists of email addresses, usernames, and some passwords.

According to LeakedSource the hack is believed to have been carried out on October 20 by a hacker, whose identity isn’t known.

While the email addresses and usernames are clearly visible in sample records seen by Salted Hash, only some of them have visible passwords (just over 18 million). Because Dailymotion used bcrypt to hash the passwords, cracking them will be more difficult than passwords that are hashed with SHA1 or MD5. CSO online describes on their website .

For the 18 million users who had their hashed password leaked, it may be a good idea to change their password on DailyMotion and on other services where they have reused the password. Users can check if their account information was included in the DailyMotion leak .

Because not all accounts included an associated password, most users are currently in danger of having their email address added to various mass-mailing lists and might see an uptick in spam messages.

LeakedSource has added the DailyMotion stolen data to its search index, so you can check if your account has been affected.

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