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Blizzard Suffers from Massive DDoS Attack

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The large game development company, Blizzard, had their servers taken down, due to a massive DDoS Attack. However, those who these attackers are, is still unclear.

The sad part about this article, is that this is the third time this week that Blizzard’s servers have gone down due to a massive DDoS attack. As reported from IB Times, KillPing, and Attack of the Fanboy, Blizzard servers have gone down an additional couple of times this week, leaving the servers latency affected (otherwise known as connections), to their major hit games.

As gamers attempt to log into their Blizzard accounts, they were hit with one of two messages: A blocked message, and the other was a ‘connection timeout’ message. Blizzard had Tweeted that they have acknowledged that a large scaled DDoS attack did take place and…

Back on September 21st, PoodleCorp (a massive DDoSing group) accepted the full responsibility of the attacks bestowed against Blizzard servers. However, this time, not a single member from the group has claimed the responsibility. Judging by the Twitter feeds on Blizzard’s account, their fans are none too happy, either.


The PoodleCorp hacktivists have created their name in the social media spotlight – and news outlets – for their massive attacks on other online services, including YouTube, WatchMogo, Redmercy, LeafyisHere and LillySingh. They have also performed massive DDoS attacks on servers of other companies such as Pokemon Go, Battle.NET, League of Legends, and even the GTA/Sony Playstation servers.

While the attacks appear to have vanished just as quickly as they came about, the fact still remains that no one is claiming responsibility for the attacks, nor can anyone figure out where, and who, have commenced these attacks.

At the time of writing, you can log into your Blizzard accounts and continue playing your favorite Blizzard online games.

Sources: Blizzard.

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